Who is Interactive Connect?

Who is Interactive Connect? Interactive Connect provides comprehensive customer experience services and solutions for contact centers and businesses of all sizes. Our Genesys certified and qualified voip engineers along with market proven products allow us to tailor a solution to meet your every business process requirement. All the time, maintaining the focus on the Customer Experience in the Contact Center. Contact us today at 972.204.5000 to see how we can… >> Read More

Interactive Connect Services

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07.19.17  Proof of Concept

Will it work for us? How do I know? proof of con·cept noun noun: proof of concept; plural noun: proofs of concept evidence, typically derived from an experiment or pilot project, which demonstrates that a design concept, business proposal, etc., is feasible. "the company was awarded the contract on the…>>Read more

07.17.17  Contact Center TCO isn’t a simple equation

You know you need contact center infrastructure that is comprehensive, user-friendly, and will best help you to help your customers. You also want something affordable and adaptable to the ever changing market. So, do you go for a cloud-based or premise-based system? The total cost of ownership (TCO) of cloud-based…>>Read more


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