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The Interactive Intelligence (ININ) Customer Interaction Center (CIC) platform ships with a bevy of statistical reports that for most call centers, is sufficient and in many cases, above and beyond what their previous PBX/ACD platform provided.  Given the proper licensing and access, a supervisor can pull reports on virtually every aspect of incoming and outgoing interactions.  Standard reports are provided for call information such as call detail and summary, trunk line information such as usage and call detail, user information such as user call reports and user activity (status) reports, queue reports such as shift activity, service level reporting, and queue analysis.  Graphical reports, detail reports, and summary reports are available as standard offerings.

But even with that multitude of reports, some call centers require additional metrics specific to their business. In many cases, though the standard reports may contain the data they need, it isn’t grouped, summarized or detailed as to meet their needs to properly run the business of the call center. ININ responded in version 2.4 of CIC with the Interaction Report Assistant® feature. 

Interaction Report Assistant® is an additional feature within the CIC platform designed to reduce the difficulty of custom reporting by enabling users to create custom reports on the fly with an easy to use interface that requires no database expertise. This feature allows call center managers to pull report fields together and create detail and summary reports not provided in the shipped, standard reports. The Report Assistant feature has been very popular with CIC 2.4 and 3.0 customers and ININ continues to tweak and make the interface even better.

For those that need even more custom attributes reported on, IT personnel or PSO organizations can utilize Crystal Reports to develop reports in virtually any view required.  Since CIC writes its call statistics to a MS SQL database, any field in that database can be reported on.  In addition, other data from non CIC systems like CRM data and 3rd party IVR’s can be combined to create holistic views of the call center environment. 

From the business side, it’s important to clearly document and identify what you would like to see in the report. A technical person responsible for creating the report can’t read your mind and what might be a good look and feel to that person may not be at all what you have in mind. The best thing I’ve seen used is to mock up the report using Microsoft Excel.  Label rows and columns of data you would like to see.  Give examples of the data and also make it clear what type of search criteria you would like to use to pull the report. Don’t assume the technical person assigned to building the report for you will give you a perfect finished product from just a couple of broad requirements. Give written examples and mock ups and make sure the engineer has a grasp of what you’re trying to accomplish. Also, be flexible. The engineer may have a better way to do it than you’re proposing or, needs to shift things a little to cut out considerable development time on his end. As long as your end goal is met in getting you the right information, sometimes a little flexibility will save money and resources in custom report development.

Interactive Connect has custom report engineers who have experience in sitting down with the business and flushing out requirements then putting those requirements in a detailed spec. Development of that spec involves extensive testing and customer approval checkpoints and a quality, user friendly report is guaranteed.  Contact us today for any custom report need you may have.

What experience do you have with custom reports and ININ’s report architecture?  Any tips you could give the blog community?


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  1. IVR 2 years ago  

    Glad I stumbled on this site. You’ve published a bunch of fantastic information. Thanks!

  2. Annie 1 year ago  

    I created all of our contact centre’s custom reports according to what matters and what works for us. I was able to marry disparate data from various sources and have them run from the interactive supervisor tool. The result, a one stop reporting sins for the end users saving time and money. I Love this product!

  3. Annie 1 year ago  

    typo stupid auto correct. I meant one stop reporting shop. Lol

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