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Genesys PureCloud – Collaborate, Communicate, Engage

PureCloud by Genesys

PureCloud by Genesys is a fully hosted solution from Genesys residing in the Amazon Web Services Data Center. It consists of 4 options to meet your working needs. PureCloud Collaborate is a free version; PureCloud Collaborate Pro when you need a bit more storage; PureCloud Communicate provides the voice connectivity features; PureCloud Engage provides a comprehensive contact center agent environment. Each options is more clearly explained herein.

Get your team connected on PureCloud Collaborate by Genesys

PureCloud by Genesys Collaborate is just what you need to make work simple. Count on it to help employees, partners, and customers interact quickly and effectively.

You might have noticed that your team is downloading a wide variety of apps to collaborate with at work. This can lead to multiple solutions for instant messaging, video conferencing, file sharing and document management. As a result, communication channels are siloed and productivity between cross-functional teams decreases.

Your team needs a strong set of real-time collaboration tools that are easy to use, easy to deploy and puts everything in one place to save time. They need PureCloud Collaborate:

Anywhere / Anytime Access to team members and resources…all SECURE.


PureCloud by Genesys Collaborate Features:

  • Chat
  • Video Conferencing
  • Desktop Sharing
  • File Sharing

Enhance unified voice communication through the power of the cloud

PureCloud by Genesys Communicate builds on the cloud-based user features in PureCloud Collaborate, and integrates unified-communications telephony services into one user interface. Start using PureCloud Communicate with your existing telephony infrastructure and get total remote survivability or leave your local PSTN behind and go totally cloud-based with the addition of PureCloud Voice.

Don’t be bound by location or hardware! Break traditional telephony rules and reduce the cost of your PBX by using the WebRTC softphone included in PureCloud Communicate. Use your browser as a phone!


PureCloud Voice is the key to pure voice communication. SIP based pure voice services are the key to cost effective enterprise voice telephony. It provides “do it yourself” administration and “pay for what you use” minutes for voice.


PureCloud by Genesys Communicate Features:

  • Telephony IP/PBX
  • Integrated Directory
  • No desktop phone required
  • Easy integrated conference calling
  • Chat during calls
  • Call History
  • Unified Inbox
  • Keep existing numbers – PureVoice SIP
  • Inbound/Outbound calling – PureVoice SIP
  • E911 – PureVoice SIP
  • International LD – PureVoice SIP

Provide a quality Customer Experience with PureCloud Engage
by Genesys
Cloud Contact Center Agent

With PureCloud Engage by Genesys, you get:

  • Simple pricing, month-to-month terms
  • A true cloud architecture that provides continuous improvements
  • A feature-rich solution for complete customer engagement
  • Unparalleled reliability and disaster recovery
  • Amazon Web Services elastic infrastructure with limitless capacity
  • IP telephony services like porting existing and adding new numbers
  • A modern web and mobile user experience
  • Lightning-fast deployment
    • Apply advanced routing to omnichannel interactions
    • Create IVR flows quickly and easily with a visual, intuitive interface
    • Personalize outreach with proactive campaigns and notifications
    • Leverage operational visibility to track and fine tune every aspect of performance
    • Boost agent productivity with CRM integrations
    • Add new capabilities and manage users with minimal IT involvement
    • Plug into other apps and cloud solutions to meet any customer need


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